(BTEC level 2) Introduction to case work for tackling Anti-Social Behaviour & Neighbour Disputes
Developed by Tess Ash & Chris Grose of the CIH (Chartered Institute of Housing)
This two day BTEC Intermediate Award (Ref: CDH76) is designed for relatively inexperienced workers in the sector specifically who have been working for a short time with a community safety partnership or as a housing officer and have responsibility for investigating neighbourhood nuisance compleints.  Its aim is to teach students to understand & implement with confidence effective case work principles in responding to Housing related ASB & Neighbour Disputes. There is no requirement to have previously undertaken the level 1 course.

Students will be taught to recognise & understand the nature of the problem complained about, show an understanding of & the ability to implement a “victim centred” approach to housing related ASB & Neighbour disputes, to recognise & be able to implement the various tools & powers for address housing related ASB & Neighbour Disputes; specifically:


  • To identify the different forms of housing related ASB
  • To distinguish between general nuisance & targeted harassment
  • To comprehend the nature of complex neighbour disagreements/disputes
  • The importance of accurate record keeping
  • How to build trust with complainants
  • How to respond to complaints effectively through engaging with the parties involved
  • How to intervene early to prevent an escalation of the problem
  • How to appropriately & effectively challenge perpetrators
  • How to action plan, investigate & develop a case strategy
  • How to risk assess the harm faced by the victims of housing related ASB & neighbour disputes
  • How to investigate counter claims
  • How to manage the expectations of the complainant
  • How to close cases appropriately & effectively
  • To understand the contractual nature of the Conditions of Tenancy
  • To understand & implement the non-legal remedies for tackling housing related ASB & Neighbour Disputes
  • To understand & implement the legal remedies for tackling housing related ASB & Neighbour Disputes
  • To understand & use “hearsay” evidence in case work 


This course is currently available ‘in house’ at a cost of £190 plus BTEC registration (if required) and VAT. Details of autumn ‘Open Courses’ will be announced soon and published on our website www.communitysafetyprofessionals.com, if you are interested in dates when they are announced contact us and we will inform you directly or contact us if you wish to run an ‘In House’ course. National courses will cost £300 per person plus BTEC registration +VAT. BTEC registration is £45 and will entitle you on passing to the qualification with an Edexcel certificate.

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